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Albert/Catherine & Fab/Drew:

Ok, I've noticed a lot of people freaking out about Albert and a woman called "The Sparrow". I haven't been keeping up with The Strokes for a while but there were so many entries about this situation that I thought I would email my source to see what was up with this.

According to my source, Al and Cat are still together. The Sparrow is actually a friend of The Strokes, which is why The Sparrow has been seen with Drew and others. Apparently, Albert is very physical with everyone, which is why strangers may misread his interaction with The Sparrow.

Also, Fab and Drew did actually break up in February, But they're back together and very happy now. The rest of the band (and their respective partners) are doing well too.

You obviously don't have to believe me but I thought I would let you guys know what I'd heard. I'll let you decide from here. And please don't ask for details or this persons identity. I appreciate their effort to keep me informed and want to respect their privacy. Thanks.

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to promote my new community. It's based on this community and may eventually replace it. So go join! <3

ETA: I forgot to mention that, according to my source, Cat and Al are engaged. Congrats to them!
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