THE GONZO JOURNALS (thegonzojournal) wrote in strokesgf,

I'M STUCK AT SCHOOL BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! but the strokes messageboard is funny and has lots of juicy gossip lately....such as my previous post and this lovely new one regarding the whole albert/cat thingy! (frankly, i just can't believe this...albert would never do such a thing to cat)

When I was going for my so “must have”-morning coffee at my favorite coffee-place, I barely saved myself from getting knocked down by a lovely, but in a hurry, Drew Barrymore. Two steps behind, the Sparrow (the Southside Stalkers-singer) came in the same speed, and almost as lovely. I dunno if they were in company though, but they were wearing matching hats! Drew hold one coffee-cup in each hand, and had one stucked under her arm, but she wasn’t exactly looking tired so I assume that the coffee was for someone else. She’s just looking better and better for every day, completely stunning! (
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