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I'M STUCK AT SCHOOL BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! but the strokes messageboard is funny and has lots of juicy gossip lately....such as my previous post and this lovely new one regarding the whole albert/cat thingy! (frankly, i just can't believe this...albert would never do such a thing to cat)

When I was going for my so “must have”-morning coffee at my favorite coffee-place, I barely saved myself from getting knocked down by a lovely, but in a hurry, Drew Barrymore. Two steps behind, the Sparrow (the Southside Stalkers-singer) came in the same speed, and almost as lovely. I dunno if they were in company though, but they were wearing matching hats! Drew hold one coffee-cup in each hand, and had one stucked under her arm, but she wasn’t exactly looking tired so I assume that the coffee was for someone else. She’s just looking better and better for every day, completely stunning! (
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I just can't believe that it would have escalated this far. Either Cat and Albert have a very open relationship and she doesn't mind that the Sparrow is, like, all over her territory (ahaha), or they (Cat and Albert) have broken up, or the Sparrow is really just a friend -- because has anyone seen the Sparrow and Albert kissing or anything? They might just be really close, who knows??
What comes to my mind is what the guy wrote in Gawker in March, that they "were very, eh, friendly". Ok, that doesn't mean anything, but if they were only talking I wouldn't write like that..
note to self: Sonja, if you ever date any of the Strokes, Drew will be your friend DEFINETELY!
My brain is playing up on me tonight, and I spent a good three seconds wondering what the hell Albertdid to a cat. As in the four legged furry animal.

So, who is "Sparrow?"
Ha ha ha!! I've thinking the same thoughts; a bird and a cat, fighting about a dog...;)
haha funny way to think about it.

i'm sure once the tour gets started and zines will be writing about them...all the ambigous gossip we've been hearing will come to the forefront...and some sense will be made of it, hopefully!
At are they writing that the Sparrow is Jules' cousin!!
Hmmm.... of course she is :P
I guess you guys are sneaking around at the Strokes' messageboard too, and I'm curious why they delete some of the threads? Like the one called "Albert Albert..." or something, where someone posted pictures of Cat and the Sparrow. Who has been deleted that? And why?
Well, it's supposedly moderated by people at Wiz Kid, including The Strokes, so I guess they deleted some for obvious reasons.
What obvious reasons? Have I missed something?
If I remember it correctly, and if anything hasn't changed the last couple of days (it's not that I'm at the m.b EVERY day;))so was the most evil thing someone has been writing that the Sparrow looked like a meth addict and also was she looking mean and evil. I don't agree, but it's not THAT hard, is it? And from what I've seen, people can be much worse there than that! And the other threads about this "topic" is still there, so it can't be that either. Oh, my conspiration-theories are about to explode..