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I guess their still together.... =(

May 17, 2005

Interpol and Louis XIV are playing a secret show tonight at the PSP Factory on Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood to celebrate the kickoff of the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo. PlayStation hired photographer-turned-documentary filmmaker David LaChapelle to design the set for the super-secret bash and legendary photographer Patrick McMullan will take pix of the celebrity guests. The only problem is that most of Hollywoods top dogs are in France for the Cannes Film Festival, so the biggest celeb expected is "Desperate Housewives" boy-toy Jesse Metcalfe. A-listers Amanda Peet, Amber Valletta and Nick Valensi (from The Strokes) will be there via Amanda DeCadenet's photography exhibit, which will be unveiled at the party. Hey, if you can't get the celebs, at least get their cardboard cutouts. (

this made me laugh....(jules and juliet)

I guarantee he'll still be fuckin around on tour, no doubt in my mind. But I honestly cant see how it would last long anyway, even though it would be alot harder to end a relationship with someone who works with you,Buisness +Pleasure=no, no..I mean a few months before the engagement I know of 2 he fucked, so it cant be love dude, well not my kind anyway, but hey if it does, more power to em. (strokes messageboard)



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