fuck_you_sir (fuck_you_sir) wrote in strokesgf,

"The Sparrow"

I don't know if I'm the only person that's thought this...but why doesn't anyone else have a problem with her going by that name? I mean, does she have a real name or what? That's so fucking stupid.
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Because Sparrow is probably just a nickname that she prefers. It might also be a matter of wanting a name that's easier for Americans to pronounce, if she has a really Swedish name. I don't see a problem with it.
I think it's a bit weird. But she may not have chosen it. My friends mother gave me a nickname that's horrid and it stuck because everyone knew I hated it. They still try and call me that sometimes. :-/
Well, I know the truth: She goes by that name because she had a real stalker couple of years ago, and that ended with trial and horrible stuff, and by going with her nickname it maybe cut out some creeps. And she got the name Sparrow when she was playing with the Scottish band, Allister, because they thought she looked so scared on stage, "like a little sparrow".
And it is actually Sparrow, not THE Sparrow! I don't see the problem with it, actually; I think it's cute! ANd I understand her, I read in an article (your friend's maybe, cool_mary?) that Southside Stalker has got plenty of "I hate you, and I hope you'll die in a terrible dissease"-mail to Sparrow. Probably from some freaks who read this page, haha! That sucks big style, and how would it be if they knew her real name..?
You're so right.
what does she look like? i've tried to find pics of her but i haven't had any luck.
Here's some pictures of her:

And I think "Sparrow" is a cool name! The only funny thing with her going by that name is the fact that she's like 5 feet 10 inch tall...
thank you!
She's THAT tall?! O_o