so charmingly daft (electricstars) wrote in strokesgf,
so charmingly daft

Okay, for the people who are skeptical about Catherine and Albert being engaged, I present to you exhibits A & B:

A photo of the girls taken at their record release show (Jan. 25th)

A photo from when the Pierces appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly (taped Jan. 31st)

A photo of the Pierces from Paper magazine's Beautiful People 2005 (April)

Part of the write-up said "Determined to start anew, they moved to New York City, signed with Universal, recorded a second album and, fittingly, started dating a music executive and a Stroke (Albert Hammond Jr.), respectively. Incidentally, Catherine and the Stroke are engaged."

I can't say where the couple stands right now, but that is definitely proof of an engagement.

Also, in Strokes-related news, my sources tell me that several months ago, Albert signed on as executive producer for the Pierces' next video -- but the video has been put on hold. We'll see what happens with that.
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