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Rumors were true....



She was great when she had blonde hair...

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OH MY GOD ahahahaha. Oh my God. Wow. Wher did you get those? Well, isifa obviously but I mean, there was a caption right? Like for the 'event'? What did it say? Just like "Catherine Pierce is shopping" blah blah blah? Can you find out what date these were taken? I want to use them on my fansite :[ hahahaha. oh gosh wow oajklaja.
Never mind, haha, I found it. That was easier than I expected :-* Thank you for posting these.
She's so cute, blonde, brunette, whatever.
Jesus, what a change! Sorry, but I think she's looking plain...
Also, I think in 98% of all the pictures I've seen of her, she's having her mouth open! Haha, that must be her little "thing".
so, am i going to be the first one to point out that she's not wearing her ring? ok then.
lol someone cut up my credit cards!!!!!!!!!!! have you head the new cold play album??
i guess she's going to be back to cutting up her credit cards again now.
er yes, i think its very good, what about you?
Yeah shit, no ring... Do you guys think they've broken up?
These pictures were taken sometime in April, so if the Gawker rumour about Cat and Albert making wedding plans (You know, "Albert kept saying, “let’s just do it now” and Cat would smile.") are true, that sighting happened around May 30th, so that cancels out the fact that she wasn't wearing her ring the month before. Does that make sense?
does anyone actually believe that gawker sighting? hardly anyone who writes in to gawker would know who cat is, unless they were strokes fans. (or 'sparrow,' for that matter; those sightings are fake, too.)
I'd -like- to believe it, but I did write 'if the rumours are true'. If if if. Sobsigh.
yeah, gawker is pretty unreliable. anyone can send in 'sightings' and get them posted. :/
Gawker is a lot more reliable than you think.....and no not just anyone can have items can email them but they investigate

and it was lowculture which broke the news of julian's engagement and nikolai's encouragement a year ago
Ok sorry, but that was the stupidest thing I've ever heard - should people in NYC don't know about Catherine nor Sparrow?! The Pierces has been doing shows during the winter, and I know they have fans, and plenty of them, who don't care about, or even like the Strokes! And Southside Stalkers is a "up-coming" band who's getting a lot of press these last months (and NOT because of any Strokes-connections!), so WHY shouldn't people recognize the Sparrow?! I can't tell if the Gawker sightings are fake or not, and I think the whole "wedding-talk" sounds strange too, but I don't understand why someone should send in a fake sighting like the one with Drew and Sparrow?! Who will get something out of that?
These girls are rock-stars, not groupies!!
first of all-- chill out. secondly, no, most people don't know who the pierces or sparrow are. cat is almost always referred to as 'albert's gf' or 'some hot chick' in sightings of albert. i have no idea what someone would get out of lying about seeing either of them, but people are nuts, and i really wouldn't put it past some crazy fan. as for sparrow, no, i'm sorry, a lot of people don't know she is either, and she wasn't referenced by name in the past in gawker, either. and they're both far from being 'rock-stars,' unless you have some extremely warped definition of 'rock-star.'
Haha, well I don't know how to define "rock-star", but what I meant was that it would be different if these girls didn't do anything of their own; if they were just "hanging out" with a Stroke. And I know that Catherine is "Albert's gf" in many comments, but oh how I wish that all of these Strokes-fans would go out and buy some new music while they are sitting on their asses and wait for the new Strokes-record! Then she might be "Catherine from the Pierces" in the next sighting... And you have a point about that Sparrow wasn't mentioned by name in one of the first Gawker, but that just make it more difficult for me to understand why it should be a fake..?
Jack White recently said that Southside Stalkers was one of his favourite new band, and Sparrow has been writing songs together with Pete Doherty for their next record, so saying that people don't know who she is just because some hardcore Strokes-fan only refer her as someone who's connected to Albert - that's just arrogant!
sparrow? is that you?
Just curious, but where did you hear that she's been writing songs with Pete Doherty?
Ha ha, no sadly enough; I'm not the Sparrow, and I DO hope she is NOT reading this site, cause then I'd feel awkward...
About Pete; Pete was talking about that in a chat on the radio earlier this year, like march or something. They asked him what he was up to, and he said that he's been painting a lot and he has also been writing songs with the girl who sings in S S. I remember that people was writing about that on Emmaboda's website (Emmaboda is a swedish festival), they asked S S about it, and Indy (the other part of S S) confirmed it, but said they will record the songs first to the next record.
And the Jack White-"quote" has been in many european papers, so it's just to check it out!
i love when girls fight.
I think cat looks better with dark hair! Sparrow's been writing with pete? last i heard he was in Cannes with Kate Moss and back on crack... :S