Katerina (jadedpostergrrl) wrote in strokesgf,

Fab and Drew in Star Magazine

I found this in a recent issue of Star, with Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie on the cover (Scary Skinny)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Please resize these or put them under a cut. They're huge!
sorry! i'll resize them.
cute icon ;)
i dont mind the size.
thanks for posting them.
its a sad story.
yeah it is. =(
I feel so sad for Drew. She's just had an especially rough time in the past few months. I hope they don't break up for good :-[
Er, what wedding?
They're not engaged.
No, but Star claimed they were months ago so they have to keep up the charade. And Drew has said she doesn't want kids right now so they're wrong on that front too. I'm sad to see her in that state but there's really no way to put her reaction into context since these pictures came out of Star.

It makes me mad that they can print so much crap and get away with it.
Who even knows that Drew was crying over Fab in those photos??
afterall her father did die recently.. :(
is that the english star magazine?
wow...did they break up?
looks like they're headed in that direction. but who knows.
aww I hope not!!!!
That story's just really mean on Fab... you wouldn't leave him to walk home like that, ever! Would someone nice post the Star story for me? x
aww thats so sad..she looks really upset :( <333
Thanks for posting
..are in today's New York Post, photographed kissing......
aww cuteness! <3
Can you scan the pictures?
I would buy it buy I can't..
I wish i could scan them....but they were photographed in Los Angeles at some Spanish type of festival and they were kissing....she is brunette now and the item mentions Fabrizio is from Brazil
i hope it's nothing serious