so charmingly daft (electricstars) wrote in strokesgf,
so charmingly daft

Okay, guys. Here's the deal. I want you to post all of the STROKES GF-related pictures you can find in comments to this entry! Whether they be of the girls alone, or of the girls with their Strokes: whatever. (Oh, but not including the pictures that are already in the galleries, unless you have a higher-quality version or a bigger copy or something.) I'd especially like Cat and Albert, or Julian and Juliet, but anyone will do. I'm just bored and I feel like seeing some new pictures, but I can't find anything -- especially since The Strokes Fan is down. So come on, it'll be fun. Please.
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They've both got those ugly necklaces on.
The necklaces look so cheap! Maybe they got them at the $2.00 store
I thought he proposed in LA... that's where he got the ring at least.