THE GONZO JOURNALS (thegonzojournal) wrote in strokesgf,

Did anyone else hear about Julian Casablancas walking into a divorce lawyers office? (this is all supposedly according to the NY Post)

is this a rumour? complete bullshit?
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  • 22 comments much as we wish it were true, it isn't ..he is very much with ms. juliet
how do you know?
is he still f'ing the greater east village area? i havent even heard of any dudliet/julian sightings since they got hitched - i guess he's busy with the album, and shes busy with...whatever it is that she does.
Well, she happens to practically run the wiz kid office. i mean, people may be envious of the fact that she married julian but the fact remains that juliet is a bright woman, who actually attended college.

And I think Gawker had some sightings of the couple..Some people say that they were at the recent Adam Green show in NY but they weren't there.

Maybe they are just keeping a low profile....isn't albert more of the social butterfly
How did you get all these news about the super-secret Julian's life?
I hope it's not true. I happen to be a fan of Juliet :-[ haha.
I'm really impatient, I had a bet with someone that they won't last longer than 6 months and now I'm really scared for my money!
i had an agreement with myself that if they did last longer than six months id kill myself by carving his name in my chest and now im scared for my life!

well, all I can say is: Juliet better enjoys it while it still lasts because when I drag my ass over there she'll be history!
i have this five year plan that is pretty much centered around moving to NY, and sleeping outside wiz kid from ... Im pretty sure its gonna work out... i mean its not like i need to eat or shelter myself...
my 5 year plan is pretty much the same. we should team up or something! it's so much easier to be homeless and hungry in a couple, you know...

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67,99 Euros!! LMFAO

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yeah, still 3 more months to go... well, they better divorce soon because me (and you) want Julian to make those babies PRONTO!! ;)

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OMG!! I haven't thought of that... and I should have... DAMN!!

but hey, Julian's babies can't be ugly, I mean, that's just not possible!! ;D
awwww I guess it didn't last between Jules and Nick :( I hope they still stay bandmates tho.
Hah! :D
Taken from the MB:

My friend was at The Bravery show at Irving Plaza last night in the VIP section and guess who else was hanging out in the VIP too???? Yup, The Strokes sans Fab. All of the Girlfriends and the one Wife were there too. My friend noted that Julian had lost all the weight and looked good. Just thought you guys would want to know.....
I think Nikolai is married.
Any proof on that, or is it just gossip? Oh, and if he is married, it's to Illy, I hope? :-[
I do hear he is married to Illy......
I repeat what I wrote before:

How did you get all these news about the Strokes' life?
I don't think he is... I think he's just engaged!