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So long Amanda!

Thanks to winnifredtuck

By Nicole Appleby
Friday, October 8, 2004 - Page R31

Canadian modelling sensation
Daria Werbowy

BIG NEWS - Famous Canadian Model, Daria Werbowy, the cover girl for Vogue US September 2004, alongside Natalia Vodionava and Gisele Bündchen was recently spotted with a mystery guy at the Anna Molinari fashion show. If everybody’s guessing it’s the hunky American actor Josh Hartnett, well no. The mystery guy was believed to be the guitarist for The Strokes, the 6 feet 4 inch tall Nick Valensi.

They were seen talking to each other shyly backstage before the show even started. Karolina Kurkova, Daria’s friend, was backstage too and saw everything! Karolina said that she saw Nick giving Daria a bouquet of roses. Karolina added that Daria immediately threw her arms around Nick’s neck and gave him a French Kiss. When Karolina teased Daria, Daria just blushed and said that they were just friends. Nick who was there just giggled.

Although the romance between them are reported to be unofficial yet, but Karolina has said it all.

EDIT: I see they've been some misunderstandings about this so I'll try to explain it. I never said it was NEW and I never said it's the truth. I just found it and I thought it's an interesting article to read whether it really happened or not... ;D
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